Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Testimonial Tuesday: 2016 Pilsen Fire

It's testimonial Tuesday! Read the below great review Restore Construction, Inc. received from a customer in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago after we completed fire repairs valued at approximately $550,000.

"Our family had a large fire in April of 2016 in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Our family is very close and the property reflects that closeness. Our family including extended family live together in our home and had to be out of our home for a year during the rebuild process (a year due to issues with the City). Our home consists of a 3 story brick building with a basement and high peak attic. The front 3 story brick building is connected to a 2 story frame Coach house (that sits behind the front building) by a 3 story wooden porch. The fire was so severe that it impacted both buildings and the porch that connects them as well. In true Chicago style, the adjacent properties are very close to our property on all sides including behind our home. Normally a home will have an alley behind it, but in our case another home with a yard butts up against the rear of our property. The homes on either side of our home are separated only by a gangway. This presented some challenges in demolition and re-build. e.g. We were pretty nervous about how Restore would take down the 3 story porch in such a narrow area without damaging the properties on either side of our home, but they did it and did it well. Our rebuild was a large project due to two homes on one city lot, multiple apartments, and a large porch spanning 3 stories in a narrow area. We are very satisfied with the rebuild and my parents couldn't be happier with all of the work done. It's beautifully finished, quality work. Julian and his team were very accessible throughout the entire project, answering questions, handling permits and city inspections, working with the utility companies, speaking to our insurance company (State Farm), pushing back when needed with the insurance company, explaining all the phases of the work, timelines, and so on.  Restore also cleaned up my parents personal items and returned them to us in great condition. We absolutely recommend working with Restore. They are very professional and do look out for you."



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